Saturday, June 17, 2006

This is me, and all of my yarn...

I had an old knitting blog that got boring fast, so I moved it. Go me.

I've been accomplishing a lot lately as far as knitting goes. Homework is entirely another story. My Malabrigo sweater is shaping up awesomely; I'm using the loro barranquero colorway. Of course, Malabrigo's picture of the color is ass-ugly. It's really a nice, purty fiery looking colorway. There are so many more reds and browns than the picture on Malabrigo's site shows.

In case you're wondering, Mr. Sinister likes to wear a scrap of Artful Yarn's Flirtation as a scarf. What a ladies' man.

Of course, my photo is so much more accurate as far as the color is concerned. That shit knits up so beautifully, I'm merely ignoring the fact that I know that it's a single ply yarn that will totally pill with wear. I guess that's why the sweater shaver was invented. It's a really sweet pattern, which rules because it can be made with about any yarn in existence. It's fully customizable in size, shaping, and edges. I'm tempted to put bell sleeves on the thing because I'm a dork like that. We'll see.

My other big, fat accomplishment was finishing a scarf for grandma for her birthday. She's turning... old... How old, exactly, I'm not sure. But that's using a skein of Koigu, a tube of beads, and an elongated stitch pattern dreamed up by one of my co-workers. Yes, one of my jobs is at a yarn store, and yes, I love it to death.

So, fellow knitting nerds, drop me a line in one way or another if you'd like to trade links or be cool friends. *Nods*


Alice said...

thought I'd put this comment on your blog instead of punk knitters (its always nice to have own blog comments)

although all I have to say is the same as everyone else has said - that that scarf is amazing and you should tell your co-worker she is very clever :)

Divine Bird said...

Hoy! I've got a blog here, too, as well as LJ. :) I meant to comment on the most recent post, too, as I LOVE THE FISHY BRACELET. Seriously. Fishy beads. :heart:

Jos said...

scarf is soooo pretty!!

Catheryn said...

I absolutely love that scarf with the elongated stitches. Is there any chance you would be willing to email me the pattern..... I designed a shrug with a similar pattern and would love to compare the stitches.


weezerscaddy said...

I love that scarf...
teeheehee babies suck.

Cassie said...

Hi, I found you through punk_knitters on eljay. :)

That scarf is absolutely gorgeous! Is there any possibility of getting a copy of that pattern?
Also, what type of yarn is that? Silk? It's so shiny! I adore it!

Cassie (cassiopia3 at yahoo dot com)

Where fibers meet mud said...

that is one cool scarf for what must be one cool grandmother

i am a grandmother and I can see myself in that scarf

hope your grandmother loved it

where is the pattern found?