Sunday, June 03, 2007

Circular shrug

Yay! I finished the gray thing mentioned in the previous post!

It's the Urban Outfitters knockoff that was big on craftster a year ago or more. I used this tutorial (.pdf), from Peony Knits. I used pretty much exactly two skeins of caron simply soft with size 9 needles. I'm actually pretty darn thrilled with how it turned out...

Just a little something to jazz up a t-shirt. It's also a really nice use for the vintage and antique brooches I keep buying while antiquing with my mom... I love borderline tacky old jewelry.

I'm also pretty thrilled that I pulled a UFO out of the bottom of my stack of knitting and just did it. I cast on for this baby quite a while ago, to be honest... though once I got back into the groove of the mock rib, it was all downhill! It didn't go nearly as slowly as I thought it would. I almost want to make another because simply soft is so inexpensive and comes in so many delicious colors. The obnoxious brights are especially lovely. Lime green and hot pink and turquoise, oh my! I remember standing in my local Joann, agonizing over the big selection of colors. (At the time, I seem to remember that there were also Christmas glitter colors, so perhaps I cast this on last fall?) How I ended up with a boring heather gray is completely beyond me. Was I thinking practically for once?

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Rose Red said...

I think that looks great - as you say, pefect to jazz up a t-shirt and to show off your brooches!