Friday, November 02, 2007

FO: Beaded gloves

I feel oh so productive.

I finished these garnstudio gloves out of a single skein of their Drops Alpaca. Admittedly, it was leftovers from Claire's Branching Out (not pictured on this blog). I majorly modified the cuff, if you can't tell; I just did three-by-two rib rather than that fancy picot edge that the pattern calls for. Oh, and because the chart was in a different language and I didn't know which double decrease the triangles were, I used a s2k1p. I don't think that's what it called for.

I was inspired by the work of lillstrumpa's on ravelry. The link goes there, so apologies if you're not in yet. I mention her because it was not my brilliant idea to add beads to the pattern. I used some size 6/0 black seed beads I had laying around and a size 12 crochet hook to do the magic. I like the crochet hook method WAY better than beading them all in advance. Deb has a great tutorial here.

Incidentally, blogger's uploader appeared to be broken, so I used flickr. Uhhh, I already had the post and just wanted to add images, and I'm a little peeved that flickr has stopped giving the direct URLs for its images! When I go to "blog this" it wants to make a whole new entry. No way. I had to control-click (right click for you PC folks) and "copy image location" so I could write my own tags. What the... Maybe I'm missing some integral part of flickr because I only really use it for ravelry...

Incidentally, I hope they're not huge images.

ETA: Okay, so blogger's uploader magically started working and I edited them. Because they DID look crummy.


Amanda said...

They look great!! I've been itching to knit with beads for awhile now. Seeing your gloves makes it even worse!

Anna said...

Very pretty. I keep thinking I should trying beading, and then never getting around too it.

Debi said...

Beautiful gloves! Glad you liked the tute! :)

KnitXcorE said...

sooooooooo pretty!