Monday, June 30, 2008


First off, check this out:

I did the birthday swap on Ravelry, and Michele (who shares a birthday with me!) totally spoiled me. I've been eyeing that pagewood farm sock yarn forever! And now I finally have a harlot book to call my own... Seriously. Awesome.

Mom spoiled me too; that's a Jordana Paige knitter's satchel in PINK! The bag is so wonderfully large that, come the apocalypse, I will have the kitchen sink and plenty of knitting in there. I love that thing. I never figured I would be a very good bag whore, but I stand corrected.

And one of my best friends, Claire, spoiled me as well by MAKING me these amazing note cards:

Did I mention that the evil girl also picked up knitting really quickly? Well, she did, and her first project was an Irish Hiking Scarf. Seriously, she's going to be knitting circles around me in no time.

The real birthday celebrations are happening later, as right now I really should be studying for the exam I have tomorrow and working on the paper due on Wednesday. After that, lots of freedom for the rest of the summer, Vegas, and a biking trip.


Umme Yusuf said...

What great gifts to receive on your birthday. Hope you had a nice time!

PrincessPea said...

Happy Birthday! The Jordana Paige bag looks adorable in that colour! What a great swap buddy.