Sunday, October 12, 2008


So I'm pretty shitty at updating these days. This is mostly bcause I've been working on relatively big projects, and don't have that much to share.

Ah, Facebook. I was chatting to Meg one evening after she mentioned in her status that she had purchased Jacquard acid dyes, and we agreed that we needed to have a yarn-dyeing party at her abode! (Her chronicle of the yarn-dyeing expedition is here.) We started with Kool-aid on some old yarn, and came up with this:

The colors here are washed out because of the crazy-bright sunlight. But I promise you, these two colors were dubbed "nuclear waste" because of their AWESOME brightness. Certainly makes you not want to drink kool-aid anymore.

There will be finished projects soon eough. My halloween costume will be partially knitted, and I am waiting on the model for one thing that's been finished... So in the meantime, here is Orangecat by the fire and one of my blueberry muffins.

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mrsfife said...

Gratuitous kitty picture! I love your orange muffin :) Thank you!