Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Two meh FOs; still here for your enjoyment.

So, first up we have a scarf:

This is the product of three balls of Joann Sensations Thick 'n' Thin that I found on clearance. Oh, and Steve wanted to pose in an "interesting" way, so we have a stapler attack, red eye, and a little something on the camera lens. I used regular old stockinette stitch, no border or anything, to get the curl. (Size 19 needles, hoo boy, they start to look a wee bit phallic after 13 or so, don't they?)

This is the fabric that it produced. The yarn itself is very thin, faux-mohair sort of, except for these GIGANTIC slubs in it.

And no, I cannot imagine making anything other than a simple scarf out of it. Simply put, if anyone has tried, they need to be shot, because anything else could not possibly look good!

Last, and much more awesomely, we have Knitty's Cigar. I'm going to gift these soon here. Because the recipient I have in mind probably wouldn't hand wash to save his life, they are made out of Lion Brand Wool-Ease and some scraps of black. It was a pretty good pattern, I'd say...

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BlackRayne said...

I love the first photo. He rocks that scarf.