Wednesday, January 24, 2007

SP (SS?) Strikes!

My first Secret Pal dropped out. I really hope everything is going okay with her - is it weird to e-mail her on her anonymous address to find out?

Either way, I have an Angel now, going by the psuedonym "Secret Scalawag." Clever, if you ask me. The Secret Scalawag is way too cool, and seriously seems like they interact with me on a daily basis. I'm serious, just look at this:

Pink handmade soap and a bath bomb that would make Lush feel inadequate. Really, they smell SOOO nice. The bath bomb is going to be used here in a second. I say my SS knows me because I've had this obsession with pretty bath things lately. There's also a really nice-smelling votive. The bath items appear to be from Ben and Oliver, while the candle is more mysterious.

Then, obviously, my SS seems to know that the boyfriend and I really like Swedish Fish - to the point were we will microwave them to make them squishier. Perfect movie fod.

Amazing super-dark chocolate, which I bought two bars of recently; one to send to my own secret pal, and the other to keep and eat myself. This one is ESPRESSO chocolate!! It's probably to-die-for, but I'm barely awake yet.

Let's not forget my first EVER Socks that Rock! The colorway is Mist, in a pinky, greyish, purpley colorway. It feels like a dream; like Koigu, but I think a bit softer. I'm not sure if this is the coolest part, or the Best of Bowie DVD! I've rented this a couple of times, and I've even thrown a party dedicated to David Bowie in which we watched it.

Thing of it is, I've been contemplating buying it myself, because, really, I could watch this a million times and still love it (him). Oh, except for that song he did with Mick Jagger. But Bowie recently turned 60 (!!!), and this seems like a really nice tribute somehow.

SS, you rock. Really, you do. I've been absolutely blown away. :-)


Steven said...

I would like to clear up that we don't microwave our swedish fish, and that I actually carefully place them in their package under muh butt until they are nice and soft.

Since when do I have a blogger account anyways?

Amy said...

You have TOO microwaved Swedish fish!

Anonymous said...

Glad you liked the package! (The candle is also Ben & Oliver. I love their stuff.)

Secret Scalawag

KnitXcorE said...

wow! sweet stuff! microwaving swedish fish, eh?

Iris the Scalawag said...

Umm... I realized I was supposed to identify myself with that SP package. Duh.

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