Saturday, July 28, 2007


The TV stand from Ikea is together. There is a TV (no cable, haven't had it in years), VCR (does anyone use them anymore?), Wii, 360, and DVD player on it. The DVD player is a bit redundant considering the 360 will also play DVDs. Of course, the 360 runs the risk of randomly deciding to scratch the discs inserted into it, so I suppose the DVD player does ultimately serve a purpose.

There is a record player. There's a four-story cat condo. My grandpa's walnut table. There are also lamps. My favorite:

The owl. He and a twin were procured at an antique mall for $2.00. His twin, however, was irreparably broken, so now this silly owl flies solo. His lampshade was on clearance at Lowe's, score. The olive green seems to be awesomely tacky enough that it makes him perfect.

We also put up some curtains today. My personal favorite:

How deliciously tacky! In the spare room, a homemade Hello Kitty valance with neon pink sheers we found (meant for little kids, I'm sure) at Meijer. They might even be level!

It's not just any Hello Kitty, it's geisha Hello Kitty! These are in the spare room, which we're not really sure what to do with. It's probably going to be an office/crafting type room. I will probably be setting up my sewing machine up there. We shall see. I had not imagined what a drag hanging curtains can be. We don't own a power drill, so attaching things to the walls has become a lot more difficult and annoying than it would be otherwise.

It's starting to take shape, except for the small fact that there are still SO MANY BOXES that are begging for attention constantly. They're calling to me now, but I'm not listening at the moment.

There has also been progress on the knitting front; I found my Kitty Pi, which I am making oversized. Unfortunately, I may end up needing a sixth skein of Lamb's Pride to finish it up with! Sheesh! Should have just made it normal-sized.


Danielle said...

If you want the Hello Kitty lunchbox I failed to sell on eBay, just let me know.

KnitXcorE said...

omg! ilovethatlamp.