Saturday, August 18, 2007

Fiber festival, orientation fame

I was so excited about posting the Absorba that I totally forgot to mention two other awesome yarn-related things.

I initially thought I'd be unable to attend the Michigan Fiber Festival in Allegan this year. It was only today and tomorrow, and I was supposed to work tomorrow... but I quit my job! Yay! After less than a month of working in Lansing I decided to quit. I hated it, and it won't mix with law school by any stretch of the imagination. What was I thinking? Now I'm going with Steve to the fiber festival, and I have a meager paycheck I can put toward my bad habit. WONDERFUL!

Speaking of the law school thing, I had an orientation seminar this morning. One of the Dean-types welcomed us and then told us how diverse our class was with random facts about us. There were pro basketball players, poets, a student that knows how to eat fire... "and," she announced, "one student enjoys knitting socks!" I sort of groaned and sunk into my seat, because my entering class seemed to think this was one of the most amusing things they'd ever heard, and erupted into laughter. I think I'm going to take it as a compliment. I don't remember exactly where I said I enjoyed knitting socks; perhaps it was on the application? Maybe it WASN'T something I mentioned anywhere, and someone ELSE enjoys knitting socks!

Fun fact: Total cost of my books was roughly $500 this semester. This may sound really expensive, but it really isn't that bad, considering I was expecting it to be much worse. No one book cost more than $50. I did far worse as an undergraduate, when I had a java book that was $110 by itself.


Rose Red said...

Maybe there are two of you sock knitters at law school! Besides, there's nothing wrong with being known as the sock knitter, especially when they see your fab creations!

You are lucky re the law texts - when I was doing law (over 10 years ago!) I was lucky to find one that was LESS than $50. Most were in the $80-$110 range. Of course, that's in $A!

Amanda said...

Glad that you're an orientation all-star. All those orientation sessions are so boring, and chock full of way too much information. Did you get the people from the Bar to come and talk to you about how to handle it when you all get hooked on drugs and alcohol? That was my "what in the world am I getting into??" moment.