Saturday, August 18, 2007

FO - Absorba bathmat

Decorating a new place has inspired me to attempt to knit a variety of home-ish items. A few dishcloths, then the Kitty Pi... and now Absorba from Mason-Dixon knitting. It was a really quick knit when you get down to it, however, the pattern calls for three strands of double-worsted cotton on size 15 needles. Since cotton has no give, I had to take it in short spurts because knitting on it for too long was somewhat uncomfortable on my hands. Not enough, however, to ruin the pattern for me. The pattern was wonderful, and I'm in love with the final result. It's so squishy and comfy to stand on, I can't wait to take my shower tomorrow morning!

The colorway is Peaches and Creme Delft Blue. I used three cones of double worsted. There's enough left over to make me believe that I can make a second bathmat to send to a lucky friend.

Of course, it weighs a ton, and would actually probably cost a fair amount to send it to someone. Go figure.

The color in this photo is a bit wonky. The flash made the blue much brighter than it really is. But it is an accurate reflection of the size the bathmat comes out as written in Mason-Dixon Knitting.


Adrienne said...

Very nice! I want to make one!!!

Anonymous said...

Nice socks! Oh nice bathmat, too. It looks good with your shower curtain!

KnitXcorE said...

I've had this in the ol' ravqueue forever! i need to get to it. yours is lovely dahhhhling.