Monday, September 10, 2007

Here she is...

Mariah is done! She has been in the making since March, with some long breaks. I found the cabling on the sleeves to be sort of annoying. But once I got past all that, making her pretty much flew by! She took six skeins of wool-ease (sue me, I want a washable sweater) and all was well. I urge anyone who plans to make this to contact Jodi, the designer, for a set of errata; these are fixes that are not posted on Knitty, and I found them invaluable in getting a good fit.

The rest of the zipper went off without any further issue, save for spending ten minutes digging through moving boxes (yes, there are still some boxes) for my sewing accessories. I needed my zipper foot, damn it! This zipper tutorial was really helpful.

Ignore the weird hair. I've been bed-ridden because I'm getting damn sick. :-(


Rose Red said...

Yay for an FO!! Looks great!

And the Tweed Cardigan looks really cool - very effective pattern!

Bertha said...

That turned out awesome! It looks so cozy! (sorry you're sick!)

Amanda said...

It looks gorgeous on you!! I hate to hear that you're under the weather. Rest up as much as you can!

Danielle said...

Looks good! I'm sorry you're sick, but I'm envious that maybe you can stay home on the couch? Hopefully?

(RR has great shoes, judging from her avatar.)

Knitted_Painting said...

woohoo it looks fantastic and very comfy!
I hope you'll feel better soon though =)
thank you for the comment btw, we're really excited&scared lol