Saturday, October 27, 2007

FiberExpo spoils & WIP

My mother sent me these little fishies out of Kureyon to give to the kitten-devils. They're shreds now, but they've definitely been loved the evil kitties! (Thanks, mom - your grandkittens love them.)

More excitingly, I went with Amanda to the Fiber Expo in Ann Arbor. My mom also came to meet up with us! Football Saturdays be damned, we were there bright and early before we were totally awake. There were cute bunnies and lots of yummy wooly yarns and other stuff. There was yarn spun from possum! POSSUM YARN? I didn't get any, but I learned that there are more fiber animals in existence than I realized.

The fiery-colored sock yarn is from Yarn Hollow. The colors are a bit more vivid in real life; their stuff is gorgeous, and definitely worth checking out! The Fortissima Socka is from Parrott's Perch.

I also got delicious stitch markers. I can't remember the seller though.

There were maybe (?) Ravelry meetups during the event, but we didn't attend; we did, however, run into Anna and her daughter. I was recognized by my icon on Ravelry!

This is the progress on Claire's beaded gloves. I made a second Branching Out with Garnstudio alpaca, and with the leftover skein, I decided she needed beaded gloves to match. The pattern is here, but I did alter the cuff to be less annoying... I love how gloves look when they're partially finished, with stitch holders and needles sticking out everywhere. However, I'm just not a huge fan of knitting the fingers. It's so tedious!


Eric & Tony said...

Ewww rodent yarn.

The YarnHollow looks awesome. Love the stitch markers.

Bertha said...

Whoa that Yarn Hollow yarn is freaking gorgeous!

rupestur said...

Those gloves are beautiful! It makes the whole glove-knitting process seem a bit less scary to see some that are so fab!

KnitXcorE said...

at least possum are good for something, right?