Sunday, October 14, 2007


Yay! Finally finished my first pair of socks for the Southern Summer of Socks. I have a healthy fear that my camera might be dead, so please accept my apology for the cell phone photo...

The pattern is Cookie's monkey socks. They're still fun to do the second time around, but I'm never very excited about doing a pattern a second time. I don't think I could make more monkey socks without having my head explode, so it's time to get on ravelry and find some more good stuff to do!

And the yarn? It's from the seller Pinkwool on etsy, her Teamfeet yarn. The socks are obnoxiously U of M colored. They're a gift for my grandmother who has had season tickets to U of M sports for a really, really long time. I can't wait to mail them out!

Speaking of knitting things for a second time, I'm working on a second Branching Out to send to another friend... Sheesh, what is it with me making two of a pattern lately? I also fear that I may run out of yarn... but never fear! Threadbear is near! (And open Sunday. Wow, I'm a dork.)


Amanda said...

They turned out great! Your grandmother is going to love them.

Rose Red said...

Lucky grandma! Bet she'll be flashing her socks to everyone at the game!

Bells said...

I'm a big fan of repeating patterns. If it works and feels good, why not? But I took a break from monkey socks are three consecutive pairs, all the while knowing I will make more.

Yours look fabulous!