Sunday, April 06, 2008


The Colorblind Librarian Sweater is coming along nicely. With the aid of a long weekend, I have completed the body up to the armpits and a few inches of a sleeve. I can't believe how quickly this sucker is coming together!

Well, okay. There's still plenty more knitting to be had on it, of course. I'm also starting to suspect that I WAY overbought the the yarn in the gray tones. I suck at guessing. I'm on my second ball of black, and all of the other colors are holding steady; I'm even starting to doubt I'll need a second ball of white! Perhaps at the very end for the neckline ribbing?

The only other real development here is the new titanium in my body:

Three tasty microdermal anchors. Love 'em. And I know you all don't believe me, but no, it didn't really hurt.


Amanda said...

I thought I saw new piercings tonight as you were talking! I just didn't want to rude interrupt and ask you about them. They look really cool!

PrincessPea said...

The sweater looks amazing, as do the piercings! Why are they called anchors?

Hannah said...

Oh god, that colorwork is gorgeousss. That is my next knitting venue to conquer.

And the micros look adorable. Mm piercings.

Eric & Tony said...

The colorwork is amazing.

Cool piercings.

Laiane said...

This old lady learns something new everyday; I'm off to Google "microdermal anchors."