Thursday, May 15, 2008

She's back!

You know, I went to Florida to visit a friend in Clearwater/Tampa between semesters. And you know what? I didn't take a single picture. It's all right. Steve, his friend Ryan and I went beaching, to an aquarium, and Busch Gardens, as well as playing some video games! Woohoo. We'll just ignore the part where Northwest airlines stinks and it took us 24 hours and an overnighter to get back to Detroit...

I did finish some socks though:

The pattern is Crosswalkers, a rip-off of the ubiquitous Jaywalker pattern. You know what, though? The fabric is much stretchier, and I love these damn things! The yarn is Fortissima Colori Disco. Pink, with a few spray-dyed colors and a strand of glitter running through. What more could you want?

Oh, what's that? You want one of my homemade Oreos? Too freaking bad! The recipe is here though, and fucking amazing if I do say so myself. Go on, make yourself some! You deserve it! Although they're laden with fat and sugar and everything else bad, they at least aren't laden with preservatives and weird Nabisco chemicals!


Cinnamonamon said...

sugar & fat: good

weird chemicals & preservatives: bad

Glad you had fun on vaca -- I used to live nearish to Tampa; this was my favorite time of year there. :)

Laiane said...

Sweet Jesus.

That's the only way to recover from Northwest Airlines

Must! Have! OREOS!

PrincessPea said...

I tagged you! Check my blog!