Thursday, December 07, 2006


R.I.P. Dumars, December 30, 1989 - December 7, 2006

As much as it kills me inside, my baby kitty is no more. She was just so arthritic and stopped bothering with the litterbox and... well... I feel like I've lost more than just a cat because, let's be honest, I wasn't even five when I got her. I begged mom and dad endlessly for a kitty, and my aunt's cat had kittens. I mean, the day I got her mom told me that dad was going off to get me a "surprise" and I remember clearly, standing by the front door, thinking that the "surprise" was a Sesame Street video or something.

Yeah, much better. Dad walked in with a kitten under his shirt. He probably got scratched by the terrified little kitten, but it didn't matter. It was so cool. We debated and debated what to name her. I said "Blackie" being an awesomely original four year-old. I think it was my mom who suggested Dumars, after Joe Dumars, a Pistons player that both my brother and I loved.

She was really perky and social up until the very end. It's just that she decided that grooming and litterbox use were unnecessary, as she was quite arthritic. If she was in a lot of pain, she didn't show it. She just wanted lots of love.

I really hope I can collect myself before I have to leave for work. I knew it was time, but that still doesn't help.

Happy news, Amy, happy news.

Savyminx has to have the coolest taste in color out there. Phosphor or Ultraviolet? Wait, ****, I'm on a yarn diet. The only person I've found who competes is Perchance to Knit who also puts stuff on her blog, always a good read. All the delicious fiber seems to get snatched up quickly, thank goodness, because in that case I'd be buying it all up!

Er, um, yeah. Yarn diet.

And holiday gifts. How am I doing? Uh, badly.


Rose Red said...

Sorry to hear about Dumars - she must have been with you a long time. I say blow the yarn diet - some yarny goodness will help make you feel better.

Amanda said...

What a lucky kitty you had. It sounds like you loved her a lot.
I hope you can find comfort in her being at peace.

Bertha said...

Oh no! I am so sorry about Dumars Amy! *hugs*

Nickerjac said...

Sorry about Dumars and I agree blow the yarn diet I think you deserve a little treat

Danielle said...

Awww! Very sad.