Monday, December 11, 2006

On assignment

Thank you everyone for the kind words about my kitty. I tried to reply to them all, but found it kind of weird; one thing that still confuses me to Blogger is replying to comments. Sometimes more savvy bloggers send me a reply to a comment via e-mail, and I'm, um, not sure how to do this. There seems to be some way because there's always the name of the blog in the subject heading and whatnot. Plus, I only receive a few of the comments that actually get posted via e-mail. Anyone know what the deal is?

Anyway, I've not been knitting much. Finals and such, culminating in a minimum of 80 pages for me to write this week. I'll do it, but it feels suspiciously like pulling teeth. Thank goodness it's the last time; if I were going, I'd be walking in my graduation ceremony on Sunday... except I'm not going! Don't want to, don't have to... I'm such a rebel. I can find better things to spend $30 on other than a black gown. Heck, that's almost enough to get the Knitpicks Andean Silk to make Knitty's Tubey!

Yes, yarn diet.

Oh, um, I knitted one of my final exams. The assignment was for my WGST/AAS course, Black Women: Politics and Racism. The assignment was to create a collage or other artistic rendering of Black womanhood. So, I decided to knit Angela Davis and talk about political power and subordination... you know, the usual stuff.

Random bits of Red Heart I had laying around... matte board... and a hot glue gun. I didn't really have time to make her into a purse or pillow or something, so I figured that a panel on a board would do well enough... right? My professor seemed happy enough about it. Now if I don't ace this assignment, someone is most assuredly going to be toast!

All my classmates were like, trying to get me to commission sweaters or sell my work/designs. You know, make a living off my knitting? If only that were actually possible...


KnitXcorE said...

i <3 andean silk... and your angela davis intarsia :-)

Anonymous said...

if you have blogger set to know your email (on profile settings I think) then all your comments come to people as being sent by email so they can reply.