Sunday, December 03, 2006

Some people have lots of cats, we have fish.

I got a Betta fish to keep me company in my dorm room three years ago. I named him Cai, after one of the knights in The Mists of Avalon which I was reading at the time. I got him a bowl, a fish sitter for spring break, and he kept me company. Cai is still with me today. Over the summer he graduated to a one gallon bowl instead of his half gallon former home. He was still seeming sluggish, as he was much larger than when I got him.

So, Cai graduated again to a two gallon filtered, aerated tank:

These days, the little guy is three years old and more active than ever. The change in his disposition was remarkable. In the meantime, Steve and I had gotten five other bettas and two goldfish, each with a bowl to themselves, of course. Seeing Cai's improved state led us to decide that ALL of these fish deserve their own little tank. Except today, we went overboard:

My brother was going to give us a ten gallon tank, but it was in such a bad state of repair that we decided to forget it... and went to PetSmart and got one twice as large. There are no fish in it yet, as it is filtering, heating, and aerating its way to stability for the next couple of days. There is a tank divider so two of our remaining five lucky bettas will get new ten gallon digs complete with lots of real and fake plants, pretty gravel...

Yeah. Overboard. We couldn't decide which fishies got the two spots in the tank, so we ended up putting their names in a hat and picking them out..


Bertha said...

Ha! That is so cute! I keep my betta at work in one of those all-in-one (tank, hood, filter, light) 3 gallon Eclipse tanks and he *loves* it! It's amazing how much personality you can get from a betta when you get them out of those little cups/small bowls and into some more roomy digs!

Jen said...

We had a lovely betta awhile back in a large vase on the mantel. For months and months he was happy and seemed fine. Then one day I found him dried up like fish jerky on the floor. I will only put one in a tank if I get another. I have a spare 6 gallon tank but I think it may be a little too large for one betta.

Amy said...

Jen - I remember reading your entry about your Betta! So sad! I read that they do that when they think there's something better on the other side of the bowl, so to speak. :-(

A six-gallon isn't too big for a betta; you can always get him docile companions (a school of neon tetras or zebra danios, perhaps). The advantage of larger digs is that the water stays more stable in pH, temperature, and various chemical levels than with the smaller tanks.

If not, you can always send it my way... :-D

Anonymous said...

We have to goldfish at my parents house, one my brother won at a fair years ago and one we bought to keep it company. They are the size of sharks, and keep outgrowing their tanks.