Monday, November 27, 2006

This makes my head spin.

So, a peace sign wreath is A SYMBOL OF SATAN? What the HELL? This just dumbfounds me. I guess anything that goes against their narrow beliefs and MAYBE questions the war is now satanic. I guess in that case I've been worshiping satan for a long time.

No, jerks, did you forget that peace is one of the central themes of Christmas? Listen to your Christmas carols! Peace on earth, goodwill to men? A peace sign wreath fits nicely with what the holiday has always symbolized to me. Kudos to the couple for sticking to their guns. I, too, would keep the thing up through the holidays and refuse to pay the fine. And then perhaps I would accuse a bitchy neighbor of worshiping satan who owned black cat or something equally ridiculous.

And what the hell happened to "love thy neighbor?"

Okay, yeah, I think this proves that I could NEVER live in one of those ridiculous subdivisions with the ridiculous rules about how one's house is supposed to look, what color the blinds are supposed to be, how nice your garden must be, etc. I'd be sure to get in trouble and make the neighbors hate me.


I didn't get the Google job, either... I thought everything went well, and I got one of those vague rejection letters in my e-mail late Saturday. I did reply and ask for a more concrete reason; I've always done that, and it's always been some sort of trite bullshit. I expected better from Google, but I guess this shows that they're no better than any other large company. I'm kind of pissed that I put so much energy into all the ridiculous things Google makes you do for weeks before you even interview only to have it all shot down.

Oh, erm, knitting?

I started my fourth pair of knucks. A friend's birthday is coming up.


Karen said...

That's the most insane local-ish story I've seen in quite some time; and believe me, with Ted "meth? What's meth? Let me ask my boyfriend" Haggard and all, that's saying a lot.

I did notice when the president of the HOA found that he wasn't getting a lot of agreement with the rest of the board, he fired them all. Nice.

Amanda said...

Just to let you know, the idea that the peace sign is a satanic symbol is not a new idea. I remember learning that as far back as the early 80's in religious school. The justification is that it symbolizes an upside down and broken cross inside of a circle.
(Just a little background information, to let you know that these weird ideas have been circulating for a long time.)

lorinda said...

I had heard in my religious training that the peace symbol was an upside down and broken cross, just like amanda said. Thanks to the internet, I found out that's not true here: If that's what it really meant, I'd have a hard time being excited about my neighbor displaying one, but I would fight for her right to display it because I wouldn't want my rights taken away either. Pretty chilling what passes as the land of the free these days.

Alice said...

That newsstory is crazy.

The so-called "peace sign" can be an advert for Pespi for goodness sake.

It's *actually* the symbol for Campagin for Nuclear Disarmament, which is why it looks the way it does, made up of the letters CND. There are also weird stories of it being a nazi symbol that surface every now and again. The symbol seems to have collected a crazy mythology since the american hipees took it over in the late 60s - it's become so distanced from it's origional meaning (and associated with the odd new age groupee) there is space to imagine all sorts of weirdo-background to it.

When, to old-school UK political campaigners its a very simple, meaning nothing more than membership of a group trying to get rid of nuclear submarines.

Rant over. Sorry about the google job. They would only have taken your soul.

Alice said...

saw this and thought of you - sounds like others got rejections from google recently too