Monday, November 20, 2006

Oh Google, how could I have ever doubted you?

Have no idea how the interview went. Will probably be hearing something after the holidays. Until then, time to stress out.

I think the most exciting non-homework non-career related thing to talk about is reading blogs. Before you turn away like this is the most boring thing you've ever heard, let me confess something: RSS feeds scare me. I have a few on my livejournal friends page, but these are already-created click-to-subscribe sorts of things. The code doesn't always render nicely, but such is life. Anyway, as far as blogger goes, I wasn't really sure how to synthesize and read my favorite blogs. So, what did I do? I clicked the links off my homepage to check for updates.

I asked the boy if he had any ideas, and he told me that Trillian Pro and Mozilla Thunderbird both have RSS reader things, but I decided that wasn't the route to go, as their setup was pretty clunky.

My life was pretty much saved when I stumbled upon Google Reader. To think, just today, I was listing off Google products I was familiar with, not thinking that they had an RSS reader. Oh, I was sooooo wrong. Google, I'll never doubt you again.

The thing is, it's so easy. You can type in a blog's name and it'll fetch the feed. You can type in "CNN" or "NPR" or "fark" and get the feeds from those sites. Or you can just be a nerd and type in a feed URL.


All right, I'll just shut up and talk about knitting. Felted Furry Footwarmers for gifts, magic looped socks, and too many projects in the queue. I'm actually on a self-imposed yarn-buying diet. The boy set the parameters: I have to finish five projects before I can buy more yarn. Here's hoping I don't break down and do five dishcloths.

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