Thursday, April 12, 2007

Dress! Couch!

I made a dress.

The pattern was McCall's M4826. I got the slinky silky cherry fabric on clearance. Good stuff.

It's actually my first dress. I'm still new at a lot of sewing, to be honest. There are a million little mistakes in this thing, but you know, I still love it and will happily wear it out when I have an occasion!

I was feeling kind of silly. Not many of the pictures were turning out well that actually show the details of the dress. There are pockets in this dress, after all! Makes me feel very June Cleaver-ish, having pockets in a poofy dress.

I still, however, think I might alter the top a tiny bit more, and sew in some support of my nonexistent cleavage. This size was meant for someone with a few more curves than me!

And, for my second finished sewing project, a story:

My SO and I are basically poor college students. Well, I'm done for now, but money is still tight because I'm starting again soon. Nice furnishings are expensive... or are they? Steve is a very frugal guy when it comes to some things (not video games). There are green couch sectionals and footstools that were a whopping $5 each on ebay. They were leftovers from the local community college's lounges. There is a couch that paid Steve's roommate $0.41 to take; there was change in the cushions! This is an extremely nice couch in perfect shape, and comfortable. The person tossing it to the curb was redecorating. Yeah.

Enter the leather loveseat. This found its way next to the dumpster of our apartment complex. It was about to rain, so I insisted that we get rid of a green sectional for it.

Well, as time wore on and the saved-from-the-trash loveseat had graced the living room for a while, we realized why it was residing next to the dumpster. It was low-riding and hideously uncomfortable to sit on for extended periods of time. Steve wanted to put it back where we found it. I wanted to save it.

I got upholstery fabric, 3" foam, and some pillowforms. I went to work.

Now, we have a comfortable loveseat. Perfect for the activity suggested by what's on top of it. I thought the red fabric would be more interesting than matchy-matchy black vinyl.


Rose Red said...

That dress is totally fabulous!! I would never have guessed that you were inexperienced at sewing! Love the pockets (pockets are underrated in dresses you buy in shops, I think!)

Bertha said...

That dress is SO, SO cute! I have yet to been able to sew anything resembling clothing, so I am super impressed!

Knitted_Painting said...

wow that dress is fab! I love the fabric you used and it looks great on you! =) and the love-seat looks like it's very happy to have been saved =P we're big gamers aswell(360, xbox and ps2 =|...and a nintendo DS is on it's way lol) =P Is the Wii any good? We've been wanting to get one for ages.

Natalie said...

Love it! You and the couch look wonderful!