Friday, April 27, 2007


I've been working through my hedera socks, I promise, but there has been more progress on the sewing front than on the knitting front.

I finished a set of obnoxiously awesome Hello Kitty pajama bottoms. My mom got me the pattern and fabric for Xmas, and I kept putting them off until last week when I finally started them. She honestly couldn't have picked better fabric or an easier pattern. I used McCall's M5282.

I'm already at work on a second pair to be gifted. Hopefully I can get the size adjustments right.

Another thing I've been slowly working my way through is John Grisham's A Time to Kill.

My law school to be sent me a pre-law reading list, and this was the most interesting thing on it. Next I will try to slog my way through either Gideon's Trumpet or Dickens' Bleak House, but we'll see. The Dickens is something like 1,200 pages long, and that just doesn't seem terribly appealing. I'm not sure I'd finish it off before starting classes!

As far as the Grisham goes, though, I thoroughly enjoyed it. The plot twists made this book more like a suspense novel than courtroom drama. I had not read any Grisham prior to this one, and it makes me want to pick up more of his books. The plot was engaging and I loved the ending, but I do want to keep my review vague as not to ruin it for anyone out there who may be thinking about reading it.

For the rest of my evening, I have cranberry jice ad Stoli waiting for me.


MrsFife said...

Bleak House is good reading. I like Dickens despite his usual grimness.

Alice said...

fiction for law reading list? I know nothing about law schools, especially in the US, but that sounds odd. Odd in a cool way though!

KnitXcorE said...

AWWW! the pants are cute.... however reading dickens is not, but if you go to you can download an audio version and listen to it while you sew/knit.