Monday, April 30, 2007

Missing the point

This article on "wikis that work" originally included Encyclopedia Dramatica as a wiki that works.

It was then removed from the list because of criticism from commenters saying that ED is full of "trolls" and other internet scum. How dare they pick on kids and call it a wiki! How dare the editors take part in this tomfoolery! I ask you all, isn't this the point of ED? If you want to know where an internet meme came from, this site will tell you and give you massive lulz in the process. Who else will patiently explain Pedobear?

My point is that of course ED is full of trolls. And of course these trolls are going to pick on fourteen year-olds that act like little snots. These are probably the same little snots that clog up Xbox live and talk trash! Fourteen year-olds suck, people, and their feelings need not be spared.

Side note: Yes, I do hate children.


rosebrier said...

I hate kids too.
I started compiling a list of why they should be kept on leases.
Here is the latest for their own safety.

aibek said...

Hi Amy

Aibek from makeuseof is here, thanks for your feedback. While I have removed ED from the initial list, I decided to leave the final decision to the readers. In 2 weeks time, I'll run a comment round-up and implement whatever majority decides on.

P.S. Btw, I hate kids only when they approach my PC