Sunday, January 06, 2008

Herringbone mittens!

Sadly, I lost the old pink alpaca knucks which had been my favorites for... forever. Okay, a couple of winters. I needed a quick replacement, so I whipped up some mittens!

Oh wait, yes, there are two.

Perfect for the teasing of kittens:

The pattern is (warning, .pdf) here. Steve got me the yarn (wool-ease) as part of my Christmas gift. I'm quite proud of him, actually; he hacked my Ravelry account, pulled this pattern out of my queue, substituted yarn, and then surprised me with it by saying, "I thought you could make these mittens." I guess all my talking at him about types of yarn really does pay off!


Eric & Tony said...

Yay for zigzags! Oh, and for the non-knitter training.

Exchequered is beautiful. I tried my hand at the double knitting but didn't get 6 inches. Congrats! That is some serious work.

Bertha said...

SO cute! And I think I would have fainted if my husband did something so ingenious!

Rose Red said...

Great mittens, great Mr Amy (my husband would have no idea!) and that scarf is just amazing too. I've got to finish a couple of 2 year old WIPS too - will aim to do at least one this month!

meg_knits said...

Well done, Steve!

I love those mittens - and have yarn for them too. Hmmmm.

Jessica said...


cute enough to warrant all caps. seriously, they rock.

Valerie said...

Hi there I found you via Ravelry and thought I would say hiya!

Bravo Steve! I love those mittens but that cat looks like it is going to shoot lazor beams out of his eyes.

Umme Yusuf said...

Those look very nice and warm.Great colors!

Cinnamonamon said...

that is some awesome work on your man's part! lol

the closest mine has come was to make me a lightbox so I could take pics of all my yarn!