Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Hedera FO!

I finished Knitty's Hedera! Pretty exciting, as I think this is record time for me and a pair of socks. I cast them on perhaps three weeks ago, and between lunch breaks and such they got finished. The reason they were finished so fast is pretty much because of the nature of the pattern; the lace pattern is only four rows long, and easily memorized. I could take them with me everywhere and not be lost without a copy of the pattern!

The yarn is knitpicks essential. For the record, the color is gulfstream, which is a MUCH deeper turquoise than the website or my photo shows. It's a really delicious color.

Now, knitters, do I finish the Exchequered scarf that has been a UFO for far too long, finish Eiffel, or do I start gift socks instead? Decisions!


Rose Red said...

Hedera look great! hmmm, decisions decisions. How long do you have to make the gift socks? If plenty of time, then maybe clear out Exchequer?

MrsFife said...

Exchequered, please.

Anonymous said...

those are gorgeous! i haven't had the cajones to tackle hedera yet, but i may just get to it now because i'm jealous that you have them and i don't. i kid, i kid! great job, amy!

Un Amiga

Knitted_Painting said...

they look beautiful! I still need to find me some sockyarn so I can start my first pair!
If you have lots of time left to do the gifts then I think you should finish Eiffel=D

KnitXcorE said...

fancy!!! I'm working on my first patterned sock now. the color is really pretty.