Friday, December 07, 2007

Ravelry Secret Santa strikes!

How totally awesome. I signed up for a Secret Santa swap on Ravlery, and my package came trough today, full of awesome goodies!

Wrapped up all nice, complete with festive furry yarn acting as a ribbon...

And the goods! Three skeins of Fantasy Naturale cotton in awesome colors, which I think I have plans for already. Plus, a recipe for making those knitted ornament covers! I'd seriously been contemplating how people do that, and now I know, along with having some great fluff to try it out with! (These will be SO perfect on the pink Christmas tree. Seriously.)

Still-secret Santa - you rock my world, and I think you read my mind. :)


Amanda said...

Yay! A good swap experience!

Now, get back to studying contracts. No playing with yarn!

Rose Red said...

Nice!! Surprise packages are the best!

Jessica said...

The colors of that cotton are perfect. I keep seeing those ornament covers floating around Ravelry/blogland, and I'm thinking I might have to make a couple for my tacky color-changing fiber optic tree. :]