Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Another finished Knucks

Okay, so I finished another pair of knucks. They're really a pretty fun pattern, what can I say? These ones are a bad color for me, but they will look great on their intended recipient. A sad story, though, I tried to embroider retro blue and orange flowers with lazy daisy stitch, and it looked awful. So these knucks are plain.

In other news, I have now finished one of three projects Steve said I needed to do before I could order knitpicks yarn to make my Tubey. Andean silk, five colors is my plan.

Also, I think I've resigned myself to making a Clapotis out of my birthday yarn, silk garden #205. I found one on flickr made of the exact same yarn and colorway. So at least I know I like it.

I'm such a sellout, making a Clapotis. EVERYONE makes a Clapotis...!

1 comment:

Alice said...

making a clapotis isn't selling out, its being part of the knitting community :)

plus it IS a really good pattern. really.