Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Two posts in a day, ssshhh!

I took some more photos.

Really because I finished the scarf to go with Claire's knucks. Steve was going to model them both, but alas, his hands are too big for the knucks.

So here are some random photos of knitting awesomeness.

There's Steve, with one of mom's knitted snowmen. He's modeling Claire's scarf, and the knucks are off to the side. The snoman and Xmas tree are there to make everything look more "wintery" than the hot weather has allowed.

A close-up of Claire's scarf. It's artful yarns broadway, acquired at the KARYS summer sale. It's just a drop stitch pattern, easy breezy!

Everything together. Hope they look all right and everything; I'm mailing them off to her tomorrow. How stupid, getting wintery accessories for one's birthday in July...? That's what she gets for keeping me on as a friend after all these years.

On a side note, the color of the knucks is somewhat of a long-running joke between us. When we were really young, both of us (but especially her) were OBSESSED with anything lime/neon green. Especially accessories. This is more toned-down than what we'd have liked at the age of thirteen, but she'll still get it.

And just for kicks, the snowman. Mom's been making these for ages. Not sure where the pattern is. Most were adorned in red and green Xmas accessories; I got the darker "punk" version of the snowman, reverse-stockinette beanie and all! The X eyes are supposed to be "punk" ... or is it drunk? When the snowman's hat is falling off, it makes you wonder...

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Lani said...

ooooh, pretty scarf. It matches the Knucks very well. Have a great day!