Thursday, March 29, 2007

Hemp... and a winner.

I'm in the middle of Eiffel and Revolution. In both sweaters, I am plodding along in repetitive, somewhat boring stretches. Nothing exciting in either.

Although, this allhemp 6 is such a weird yarn. I'm using black, and we got off on the wrong foot; it made an awful tangle when I tried to wind it as it wasn't wound up into its hank correctly. And working with it is so weird... it's stiff, and reminds me of that craft hemp that was popular in friendship bracelets in sixth grade.

So I really, REALLY hope this softens up nicely upon washing. I've heard it does.

I must, MUST finish one eiffel or revolution before starting Mariah! The world at large (six people) chose Mariah over the other two sweaters I've been admiring. So, congratulations to Mariah for winning.

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Natalie said...

Good choice!