Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Perennial Knitters' ADD

There are so many choices. So many.

I want to make Knitty's Mariah.

I know it's old and everyone's made it, but the funny thing is, I was going to make it two years ago. I even bought the pink yarn necessary to do it. But then Revolution came along and I changed my mind on what to do with the pink yarn. I've been working slooooooowly on Revolution ever since it came out. Two years and the back is still only fourteen inches long. I fear I'll never finish it; the split stitch goes so slow. But I still love it as much as the day the pattern came out! Pulling it out of the depths has reminded me of Mariah, and how I was going to make it...

I also downloaded the lace inset cardigan thinking I'd like to modify it a bit...

I was somewhat disappointed that an $8 pattern only had one size which might be a smidgen too big for me. Lame. However there are other modifications I wanted to try, namely making the lace panels symmetrical.

And this one I actually have the yarn for. It looks so cozy and comfortable...

So, tell me:

Which sweater should I make next?
Lace Inset Cardigan
Barcelona Bolero free polls

I leave it to you. You will also be indirectly deciding if I should work from the stash (Barcelona Bolero) or purchase more yarn (the other two). Choose well!


Knitted_Painting said...

I still want to knit the mariah aswell, but I think the Lace Inset Cardigan is gorgeous! the overall shape is just perfect and the lace pattern is beautiful so I voted for that one obviously =)

Bells said...

I'm about to make the mariah with a couple of friends as a small knit along. You would be most welcome to join us!!

itslikearuin said...

I have never actually looked at Mariah before, and I always assumed it was that strange looking top with circles on. But now I want to knit Mariah as well!

The lace inset cardigan is lovely though, and it's the right size for me, so I may have to make that one eventually.