Monday, March 19, 2007

Satisfaction... kind of.

I've always liked a quick knit. They're so satisfying in between larger projects, you know?

So when friends get a pair of kittens, they NEED handmade cat toys, right?

It's a shame I don't have pictures of the kittens that this was gifted to. They're six weeks old and not even named yet! So cute. Camera was dead.

Anyway, I made a little mousie from this pattern. He was leftovers from my Tubey, actually. I've used this pattern a number of times, and it's always turned out quite cute.

Then I decided I wanted to make another toy, but something more interesting than a gray mouse. I found a lot of patterns that seemed great. Like the swirl ball? Too bad it turns out as big as a grapefruit and I somehow missed this detail. What cat wants a toy bigger than it?

Several other failures left me pouting and with a new appreciation of this mouse pattern: it's well-written, cat-sized, cute, and can be made with straight needles and stuffed with like five cotton balls.

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Dipsy said...

What a totally cute mousie this is! Like you, I *so* enjoy some quick knits between bigger projects - sometimes us knitters just need a little instant gratification!